Instant Aid Initiative For Stroke Patients

Dear Alexander-Technique Teacher Colleagues and Students,

as well as people who are deeply involved into the work,


feel heartily invited to join this inspiring weekend

at Lake Constance in the south of Germany.


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A model for a specific understanding of Alexander`s discoveries


Saturday      February 14th 2014 
Sunday         February 15th 2014


If we consider ourselves a teacher, therapist, consultant, etc.,
what we believe we do is based upon our conception of
how we “think” (consciously or unconsciously) we function –
and that in relation to Alexander`s principles.

My work with autistic people, horses, a newborn …
has caused an increasing distance
to my post-graduate self-conception of
being a teacher.


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Konstanz, Dezember 21st 2014

with sunny regards 


Heinrich Kuhn
Hildegardring 27
88662 Überlingen
Tel: 07551 309 20 50 AB


140824 beKbeQ breakfast

breakfasttable sunday August 24th  – 1st Course ever beKing-beQueen



We are wonderful !
… even it can also seem to be
completely different to us.

Every organism is born to function well and
is aiming towards balance.

This to respect will give us access
to our strongest confederate

to ourselves !


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Tell Me Your Story

Did you also have a stroke? Then I would like to hear your story!


For a scientific research project I gather personal reports from stroke patients and how they have experienced their stroke.

What happened in this "moment" and until you slipped away? What did you experience? How did you feel?

Even a few sentences can be helpful for this project which is designed to improve the conditions and prognosis of future stroke patients.


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I will treat your report confidentially of course. Thank you so much for your support!

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