Instant Aid Initiative For Stroke Patients

The abbreviation of “Inner Communication” is: IC

Did yo notice something?

When you say it out loud, it sounds like “I see”.

“I see” means (in the way I understand it):  “I take notice of something”.

Inner Communication is what I call the inner processes which happens all the time and everywhere in our physical beeing.

The (so called) “self talk” (you can also say:  “mindfuck”)  is only a very small part of IC, a part which we become aware of, often in review, sometimes luckily while we’ve drifted of, lost contact with the actual situation we are in.

There are a lot of certain rules and conditions, which are relevant for the inner communication. F.M. Alexander (1869-1955)  dicovered some of them (first?) and did a lot of research around them. He developed also a practical way to come back to a natural functioning coordination.

We are all gifted by nature.  Everybody we can meet on the street, or outside a hospital has recieved an genetic program, which is responsible for long-lasting economical functioning of our organism. 

Education by family and friends, social environment including public institutions like kindergarden, school, has triggered more or less often essential programs (basical needs like to be secure, to be loved and cared, to be accepted…).

The experience to be only loved/accepted, if we act in the certain expected way, made us ignore our own reception in order to keep this attention, to upkeep the conditions.

Because of the natural organic development of the brain, the ability for abstract thinking starts with adolescence. This means, only in the age of 12 -14 we begin to discriminate experience in that way, like an actor can be a certain person on stage, and as soon as the curtain falls, he’s Mr. Miller again.

Children can’t do this. At least not in this concious way.

They are dependent on parents and other caretakers, so they have to cooperate. They can’t leave, they are not able to survive on their own. (It’s the genetic program whithin us, which ensures that humankind will not disappear from this planet – like the dinos did for example.)

So they suppress the answers of their own perception, and unconciously start to ignore those sensations and feelings until it becomes their normal state of being. At age 14, this pattern will be fully integrated and will feel so “normal”, that the youngster will not be able to notice what’s going on.

You could call this result of educational influences “Unreliable Sensory Appreciation”. It affects our sense of wholeness, our physical, emotional, and mental state of being, as F.M. Alexander stated.



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