Instant Aid Initiative For Stroke Patients

It feels so familiar to re-act in the habitual patterns,

although they can cause or increase

a lot of psycho-physical “entertainment”,

backache and other pain,

tensioning and fatigue,

emotional dysbalance,

postraumatic trouble ….

at least it seems that

we are lived by these habits

and often enough we

would appreciate to would have

choosen different in advance,

but don`t know how …

With the Alexander-Technique you

do not “have to react automatically”,

it opens up the opportunity to act in a different way,

to decide whether you react or not

and gives you support to make sure that you do what you want


Back pain eased by good posture  BBCNews Video


Original movie with Alexander himself


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Tell Me Your Story

Did you also have a stroke? Then I would like to hear your story!


For a scientific research project I gather personal reports from stroke patients and how they have experienced their stroke.

What happened in this "moment" and until you slipped away? What did you experience? How did you feel?

Even a few sentences can be helpful for this project which is designed to improve the conditions and prognosis of future stroke patients.


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