Instant Aid Initiative For Stroke Patients

Like a TIA can be an interruption of the habitual fluidly life-rhythm,
can become kind of stimulus
to reflect,
to maybe also make a decision,

that some things have to change
in further life

there can also other experiences and challenges

bringing up these topics.

This could be an opportunity for you:

(this spoken information is currently only in german, it will be replaced soon by an english welcome)

Spend 2 weeks to meet yourself again,
find and live inside yourself,
get connected to your inner needs and
reason what you are here for.

come to yourself
become yourself
be yourself

is the direction.

The work can be continued later via internet, videoconferencing or refreshed/updated localy again here.

Any time, just a weekend or a longer period is possible, matching to your needs,
we`ll clarify personally via mail or skype


I do cooporate with various hosting and too life-support/treatment Partners.
Here you`ll find more about their individual offer for accomodation
and – if rich choice of additional helpful and enriching lifeworthy opportunities.


Kneipp- und Vitalhotel Röther, Überlingen

Wheelchair-adjusted Holiday-Flat in Radolfzell, Sybille Ehrle

Ferienwohnung/HolidayFlat in Nesselwangen, Heike Schumacher

Guestrooms and much more, Hödingen, Sabine Burkhardt  …  Link is coming soon

Hoppetenzell/Stockach   …  soon to find here

please don`t hesitate to ask for further recommendations







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Tell Me Your Story

Did you also have a stroke? Then I would like to hear your story!


For a scientific research project I gather personal reports from stroke patients and how they have experienced their stroke.

What happened in this "moment" and until you slipped away? What did you experience? How did you feel?

Even a few sentences can be helpful for this project which is designed to improve the conditions and prognosis of future stroke patients.


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I will treat your report confidentially of course. Thank you so much for your support!

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