Instant Aid Initiative For Stroke Patients

more about it you find here:

comes and goes often within 24 hours

can also be understood as warning event,

is quite often followed by a “real” stroke

some people would like to prevent this stoke,

or at least would prefer to be better prepared.

Because of my own experience,

my “real” stroke happened 10 months and 2 weeks after I suffered a TIA

I have an idea to that question now.


For those, who are interested to deal with this subject in advance,

I will offer

occasions for intensive work (1 – 2 weeks here at Lake Constance)

Kneipphotel Röther

to become more present of your own in an easy way,

to continue “update support” could happen by online-contact,

so this will be also practible for those people, which live abroad, really far from here.


If you like, please ask for further details.

Thank you

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Tell Me Your Story

Did you also have a stroke? Then I would like to hear your story!


For a scientific research project I gather personal reports from stroke patients and how they have experienced their stroke.

What happened in this "moment" and until you slipped away? What did you experience? How did you feel?

Even a few sentences can be helpful for this project which is designed to improve the conditions and prognosis of future stroke patients.


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I will treat your report confidentially of course. Thank you so much for your support!

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